4 ways to make money online

Write your own eBook
One of the best ways to build a passive income, and one of the oldest, is to write up your own eBook and put your own affiliate links in it.  You can write up your eBook and publish it on various platforms, and get paid for every purchase as well as make a commission on each affiliate link clicked and a purchase is made.  Now, some platforms require you to write it up in a specific manner, like Amazons kindle direct publishing platform, but that's not a big deal if you already have all the content   

With eBook selling platforms, you need to be sure if you can place affiliate links within the book to actually make money off of or if you can't.  If you can't, you have to sell your eBook to make a profit, and you won't be able to give it away for free to entice people to download it 

Start blogging
A proven way to build up your passive income is to start blogging because people will begin to trust you over time and eventually purchase from you.  People go on blogs all the time to read reviews, read "how to" articles, get an update about an event, etc.  If you can write up a blog that is super niche specific, and not general at all, you will be able to target a specific set of users out there that will engage with your content more than a general post, which will increase your sales and profits along the way.  This does take some time to get to the top of the rankings, but it's a sure fire way to get some profits rolling in that are completely passive 

Sell digital services
Well, you're already here on SEOclerks so you likely know where this is going lol   If you are selling a backlink service that requires software to run all of the time, but you may disconnect when you go off the grid, you might want to invest in a VPS to run all the time.  If you're running a content writing service, just like me, you'll be able to write up the content while you're not connected, then you can send the finished work when you get back online   Digital services are beautiful if you can blend them into your nomadic behavior, because you can run a full-fledged business and be gone from home for a few weeks or a few months lol.

Become a consultant
Consulting is a big thing right now, online or offline, and you can make a pretty penny offering your expertise to new businesses out there looking for some direction.  You can be a fully digital consultant, meaning you never really visit your clients, and you're just working with them via phone call or video chat.  People around the world need consultants and you could fill that gap with your vast knowledge of the niche you're in.  

In conclusion
Becoming a nomadic business owner isn't a difficult thing to do, but you might not want to buy plane tickets just yet.  It does take time to build up your online business, so be sure you have plenty of income prior to going around the world and working along the way.  You can do various things, and the 4 businesses I mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg, so use your imagination and get to work 

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