Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to start earning money online and one of the most popular. Bloggers partner with companies that need help marketing their products or services.

**This post may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase from one of my links, I may receive a commission or credit at no additional cost to you.***


The reason I'm with SFI is that they're the REAL DEAL, not some "here today, gone tomorrow" scheme. Yesterday alone, 1,337 people from 106 different countries joined SFI. And since 1998, they’ve shown over 19 MILLION men and women, in more than 200 countries worldwide, how to make money online!
What makes SFI different? In short, SFI has something for everyone!...which makes online sales both lucrative and fun! Yes, as an SFI affiliate, you have over 100,000 goods and services to buy and sell including products in more than 30 categories, popular 24-hour Eager Zebra™ online games, money-saving auctions, and more. They even take care of all orders, payments, shipping, and customer service for you. They also have an entire local vendor network, Localvantia™, allowing you to tap into monthly, ongoing commissions just for referring people to local restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations, and more!

Share-a-sale also has an incredibly user-friendly interface. You’ll have no trouble learning to navigate their system and find the companies, products, and links you need to monetize your blog.
This network has a lower payout threshold than many of the affiliate networks.

Amazon Associates

One of the prime benefits of Amazon is that nearly everyone has shopped there.
Plus Amazon sells everything! If you like doing roundup posts or reviews, you have millions of products to choose from. Use your affiliate links and you get a commission if your reader chooses to purchase based on your article.
And BONUS, you also get a commission from any other products that person buys from Amazon within 24 hours of your referral.
The only drawback is that if you don’t make any sales in a set period of time, Amazon will suspend your account and you’ll have to reapply at a later date. So once you apply, get to work on a few posts that promote Amazon products and make your first sale or two!

SEO Clerks is also for anyone who wants to propose a service (gig) to earn money. There is no limit on the price a seller can charge and there is a very wide range of micro jobs you can propose.

This could also be for you if you want to improve certain SEO aspects of your site or if you want to outsource some of your tasks. Here are a just few of the services that are available.

Translationsgrphic design
Article writing
Place or design banner ads
Create backlinks
Resolve WordPress issues
Create a WordPress site
Graphic design
As you can see, you can obtain almost any service related to a website.

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