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Time for school and I was in search to buy a new backpack for my girl!! Surfing on Google a came up with a great website with a huge assortment of backpacks. Yes, finally I found what i need for my girl. So I start looking to pick one between lots for me.

The website is professional and I must admit that I was enjoying looking for a backpack. I fall in love with this backpack. 

This brand has an awesome approach to designing products with convenience in mind. This backpack was no exception and was just what I was looking for in a school daypack: durable, waterproof, and most of all, easily packable! This pack also currently comes in 5 stylish colors; I went with the blue but would have been happy with either.

I tested this pack out and was very pleased with how comfortable it was surprising how breathable the material was, even on a fairly hot day. Large main compartment with double zipper closure for big items such as iPad, books, cosmetics, and more.

Adopt soft adjustable double shoulder straps to well reduce the press on your shoulder.

My girl loves it she was so happy with a new backpack. The price of this product was also quite a shock to me! $26.99 this backpack is truly a bargain considering the high-quality material and design used.

this is WEBSITE IS HIGHLY PROFESSIONAL and the backpack is as described.

So if you need a backpack for all occasions, don't think twice just go to HEY DUDE COOL BAG and find what you looking for.

All packs are designed to place a majority of the weight on your hip belt! Both internal and external frame packs should have tight-fitting, well padded, well-designed hip belts! DO NOT depend on the shoulder straps to carry the weight for long periods of time.

Whether you need for travel, school, weekend, mountain climbing, sport at HEY DUDE COOL BAG you will find what you need

They also have fantastic Privacy Policy. Dresses Free Shipping Worldwide


  1. Great website with cool backpacks highly recommendat.

  2. Very informative article. I am so glad I found this website. I was in need of a few backpacks since my kids just started the school year. Thank you for this post.


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