Are you familiar with MLM Gateway? You will be more familiar after reading this MLM Gateway review. I will explain what MLM Gateway is all about, why it was started and if it can get you results to build your MLM home based business. By the time you are finished reading this MLM Gateway review, you will know if it is worth your time to sign up.

MLM Gateway Review: What Is It All About?

In an effort to create a social site just for people interested in or involved in network marketing, the creators of MLM Gateway designed the website as a social site for multilevel marketing.
People can join for free and connect with other people. It is a method to supposedly gain leads. According to some who use MLM Gateway, the same principles apply as if you were attempting to get leads from other social media websites:
  • No spamming
  • Offer value
  • Approach all people to help even if they are not willing to join your business
  • Stay active
Essentially, it works no different than how you should be prospecting and recruiting using other formats. If you consistently just “Blast” your company, you will probably not get many responses. But if you offer helpful advice and tips, others will recognize that you are an authority in network marketing and will want to be closer to you.

MLM Gateway Review: The History Of This MLM Social Website

I wanted to know how long MLM Gateway has been operating and who actually owns the site and manages it. I first looked at the WhoIs on MLM Gateway and I discovered that MLM Gateway was created in March of 2015. So it is 2 years old and I see there are over 65,000 registered members at this point. As I was writing this, there were around 300 members active.

So who owns and operates MLM Gateway?

I see that the operators of this website are transparent. It is: Gateway Solutions s.r.o., Rybn√° 716/24, Old Town 110 00 Praha 1, Czech Republic.
So I do like the fact that they are open and honest on who they are and where they are located. That is a good sign.

MLM Gateway Review: Free To Join

Signing up for MLM Gateway is free. But when you do, you just put your name, a picture, where you are located and just a sentence or 2 of what you are interested in. You cannot put any links at all. So with this free sign up, you are just a potential lead instead of someone looking for leads.

Within a day or more, you will probably receive a request for partnership from someone who says they would like to know more about your business opportunity.

This looks like a robot action because how many people will just look at your profile with no links and say “Wow, I need to see what this guy's business is?”

I believe this is an automatic robot that is like a dangling carrot in front of a rabbit. MLM Gateway needs business too, and their primary goal is for MLM business owners to buy a premium membership.

But MLM Gateway works like an MLM for MLM business owners
MLM Gateway has a lot of members and the majority probably are home-based business owners. If you are marketing to people already involved with an MLM company, this could be a great website for you.

So if you offer training materials for people in network marketing, you may be able to gain a lot of attention at this website.

Everything within MLM Gateway is based on credits that you can purchase or earn. You use credits to contact other MLM Gateway members, to run an ad campaign and to attain MLM Gateway member of the day.

The MLM Gateway methods to earn credits are:

You get 5 credits when you sign up for MLM Gateway
You will get 10 credits any time someone signs up for MLM Gateway using your referral link
Also, you can get 10 credits when you share MLM Gateway on Facebook or Twitter
If you post a business announcement, you get 5 credits
If you run out of credits, the system gives you 1 credit
Buying MLM Gateway credits
MLM Gateway also has credit purchase plans:

30 credits for $14
100 credits for $36
250 credits for $84
or 600 credits for $189

MLM Gateway Review: Rank

MLM Gateway has great rankings with the highest percentage of visitors coming from the United States. Also, people do stay around with the bounce rate at around 24% and visitors stay on the site for an average of 10 minutes.

So the advantages of being in front of tons of people are evident at MLM Gateway. But you need to remember that you are in front of people who are already involved with a business, so is “splashing” your business opportunity going to be good?

I highly doubt it, but if you are using MLM Gateway to market tools, systems and training materials for network marketers, it may be a great website for you. It just takes credits to promote your stuff.

MLM Gateway Review: Premium Membership

The Featured Professional premium membership at MLM Gateway may be your method to market your secondary tools. The cost is approximately $25 per month and the benefits consist of:

When you run business announcements, you get 10 credits instead of 5

If you refer a sign up to MLM Gateway, you will receive 20 credits instead of 10
If referrals you signed up purchase credits or anything else at MLM Gateway, you will get 50% commissions
You are on the Featured Professional page
And much more
Most members I have researched say that the commissions they make from referral purchases normally pay their membership fees, so the benefits are good.

MLM Gateway Review: Business Announcements

When I looked at various business announcements, I see great, average and terrible. I believe that if members write high quality content, you can get a lot of attention from members.

You need to make sure you write valuable content and by doing so, you will attract other members.

MLM Gateway Review: So Can You Get Results?
If you are assuming you will recruit members into your MLM business using MLM Gateway, I believe you will be disappointed. But, if you offer network marketing training materials, network marketing systems or any other MLM secondary products or services, you will love MLM Gateway in my opinion.

But, I do believe you need to stay consistent and work the system.

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