5 reasons why you should invest in blogging and content!

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Blogging takes time, and that's why you need to invest yourself in everything you're doing when it comes to posting content. You can't think you're going to be successful if you're only blogging for one hour a week, it just doesn't work like that! Blogging is more than what it used to be like back in the day, you can't just post your feelings and treat it like a journal because it's evolved so much more and now you can profit from it simply from posting great content.

Investing in your content should be something in the top 3 of your priority list because it's so important and can make your website much more successful than it currently is. Your content can turn a basic blog into something that people want to come and read because it's the authority within the niche. Content is so powerful and a massive amount of webmasters overlook it because it doesn't bring in instant results. Just because you're writing up content now and you're not getting sales from it tomorrow, doesn't mean it needs to be put on the back burner. There are many times I've written up an article and it didn't bring in any traffic for a few months, but out of no where, Google decided to boost the rankings of that post and I was getting 1,000+ visitors a day 5 reasons why you should invest in blogging and content Imagine how excited I was because I put in the time on that article and let it sit there, then a massive wave of traffic started to come in months later 5 reasons why you should invest in blogging and content
Blogs bring in a good amount of traffic after they've matured
A new blogger will usually complain about the amount of traffic they're getting in because it's usually a lot lower than they thought it was going to be. A lot of people get into blogging because they see others making a decent amount of money from the thousands of visitors they're getting each day. Well, I'm here to tell you that it just doesn't work like that, and you'll need to invest your time and effort into your blog then wait for it to mature before you can post a success story.

A new blog will never top the rankings for a difficult keyword because it hasn't matured and gained authority within the eyes of Google. After you write up a bunch of content and build plenty of great backlinks, you will notice your posts moving up for specific keywords and the traffic will start to trickle in.

Optimized content is what the search engines are looking for
Search engines love that you're posting content for everyone to read, but if the content isn't optimized, you won't see a decent amount of traffic coming in later on because Google won't know where to place you. If you take your time optimizing your content, you will notice your rankings begin to move around after Google starts to see your optimized content, and that's a great thing for all blogs and even the readers 5 reasons why you should invest in blogging and content

Invest in your content and optimize it for the search engines so they know exactly what your posts are all about. You will be glad you did.

Blogging can turn you into the authority within your industry
What a lot of people don't understand, when they're running a business, is that a good blog can turn you into the main authority within your industry. This is because you're posting top-notch content about your niche, and people are starting to notice you, then they will share your content with everyone they know. Usually, you'll jump up in the rankings and get noticed by other business owners within your niche, and even some outside of your niche who are looking for you, which is always a good thing 5 reasons why you should invest in blogging and content

If you're only posting once a week, you won't become the authority within your niche because that's just not enough content. You'll need to invest yourself into your content and write up a great article at least once a day for the first couple months, then you can start to slow down after everyone sees you as an awesome source of content 5 reasons why you should invest in blogging and content

Great writers will discount their services if you link back to their websites
With this point, you're investing money and not your time, which is a little different than the points above. If you simply don't have the time to invest in your own writing of the content, you can always outsource it to a credible writer who can get it all done for you! Usually, you can get a great writer for a lower price per word if you link back to their website, which is usually their own writing service. 

If their normal price per word is $0.03, but you're letting them link back to their own website, you might be able to get then down to $0.02 per word. Now, that doesn't seem like a lot when you think about it, but a 1,000-word article will now cost you $20 instead of $30, which is a 33.3% discount 5 reasons why you should invest in blogging and content 

Your website stays fresh and inviting
When you take your time writing up great content, you will keep your website fresh and updated. Google and your readers will appreciate the amount of work you've put into your website, and all of its content and they will show their gratitude by increasing your rankings as well as sharing your content with everyone they know 5 reasons why you should invest in blogging and content

A blog that is active will always boost the website it's attached to. You will bring in traffic that is already loving what you've written, and they will be more inclined to make a purchase or click on your ads, making you some money along the way 5 reasons why you should invest in blogging and content

In conclusion
If you invest yourself and your time into your content, you will notice everything starting to go up. Your rankings will begin to increase due to Google starting to see you as an authority, your traffic will increase because of the higher rankings, and your sales will jump up because of all the traffic you've been getting 5 reasons why you should invest in blogging and content Your blog is a crucial part of your overall website, so invest in it and you will be happy you did 5 reasons why you should invest in blogging and content

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