Top affiliates make $1,000s per sale and not a few dollars!

Everyone online has likely heard about affiliate marketing and have probably seen someone showing checks for 100k or more. These people are likely making that much money, but it's usually from selling people like us a course on how to make money as an affiliate, which is sort of backward. The real affiliates out there are making $1,000s per sale and making millions of dollars each year and don't really care about sporting their checks online because they don't need to brag in order to increase their sales.

If you're trying to crack into affiliate marketing and be a millionaire, you need to know that making $1 to $5 per sale isn't going to get there. You need to engrave this in your mind, it takes just as much effort to convert a $5 order as it does a $5,000 order, but it's up to you to figure out where you can make the most money with the time you're investing Top affiliates make $1,000s per sale and not a few dollars 

Below are a few things that should help open up your mind when it comes to affiliate marketing, and they are:

Understand what companies can pay you the most.

I'm sure you've heard of JVzoo and Clickbank  SFI if you're an affiliate marketer, but those platforms don't pay thousands per sale, so you likely won't be a millionaire if you're getting commissions there.

Instead, you should be targeting the companies that aren't pushing their affiliate systems and see if you can apply to start sending them traffic. The bigger companies might not advertise their affiliate systems, which is why you'll have to ask, but that's not a difficult thing to do because you can just send in an email Top affiliates make $1,000s per sale and not a few dollars

Think of who has the biggest markups on their products or services and those are the companies that will pay you more per lead that converts into a sale. I work with a corporate credit company that charges the client 8% of the credit line they get for them, and I get 3% for the lead, which doesn't sound like a lot when you're so used to getting 75% from a ClickBank product. Would you be more interested if I told you that my biggest check from this credit company, for just 1 lead that converted, was just over 20k and all I had to do was send them a qualified lead that got a credit line?

Now that I've peaked your interest, keep reading.

Do your keyword research and find businesses that are advertising.
If you can figure out what the highest cost per click keywords are, you can likely find a lot of companies that can afford to pay you a premium for your leads. Now, you will have to filter out anyone selling a physical product or companies that can't afford to pay you a minimum of $500 per lead, because remember that you will do the same amount of work for a $5 commission as you will a $5,000 commission, so you want to work with the people who can afford to pay you a premium Top affiliates make $1,000s per sale and not a few dollars

After you have your list of companies that can afford to pay you, just contact them or apply for their affiliate programs and see what happens after you bring in some potential leads.

You're bringing in quality, not quantity.
You might be sending 100,000 visitors through an affiliate link and getting $1 or $5 per sale, but you might only be making $100 a month through that system. If you were to send just 1,000 high quality leads through an affiliate link that pays you out thousands, you will likely convert a few of them, and that's much more money than a few dollars per sale Top affiliates make $1,000s per sale and not a few dollars

You're focusing on high-quality leads and not a massive amount of traffic through your links in order to make money with affiliate marketing. Do you think that top affiliates are spamming their links wherever they can? No, they're posting their links on high-quality websites that are extremely credible and they're getting clicks that way. They may only get 10 clicks for 40 hours of work to get their links on a website they've been targeting, but all 10 of those clicks could result in a commission.

It takes time to build this type of affiliate plan.
Like I mentioned above, you could work 40 hours for just 10 clicks, but it's usually worth it if you can stick it out long enough. I didn't make 20k in one commission because I posted a link and got lucky, I talked with this person and told them everything that the company does, then held their hand throughout the entire process and answered any questions they had. I gave them my personal phone number to text or call me whenever they wanted, and it resulted in a massive commission. 

You need to take your time and never really settle for a lower commission unless there is an option to increase the commission after a few genuine leads because that's how you build a great affiliate income stream. Yes, people will low ball you to pay you less, but their competitors will pay you a great deal of money, and the internet is lovely like that because there is always someone out there trying to overthrow their competitors Top affiliates make $1,000s per sale and not a few dollars

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