How To Make Money With Affiliate Links On Pinterest

This page contains affiliate links meaning I earn a commission if you use those links. I only recommend the brands I use and trust.

What is affiliate marketing?

It seems like a new and trendy way of making income online but in fact, it’s been around for decades. Any salesperson who makes a “cut” or commission from selling a product is, in a sense, an affiliate for a said product.

In essence, the affiliate is acting as the agent or representative of the product or company they are selling. Think of travel agents, insurance salesmen or MLM direct sellers.

How does it work on Pinterest?

Since May last year, Pinterest has allowed pinners to add direct affiliate links to their pins instead of having to go through a blog. This means that you can market to the over 200 million active Pinterest users immediately! For free! Now that’s my kind of marketing.

Without realizing it, you have probably already clicked on an affiliate link for a cute sweater or Etsy printable. Those are affiliate links. Here is an example from my board Nar Art Avm

You can see that the link to this pin is from magicklinks

Promoting ebooks

Personally, I find ebooks are a great thing to promote as an affiliate on Pinterest because the ebook author often has a landing page that “sells” the product once the pin has been clicked on.

If you have taken some courses or bought some ebooks and want to promote them, it’s worth seeing if there is an affiliate program you can join.

Ultimate Bundles is a company that puts together different “packages” of courses and ebooks periodically and then sells them for rock-bottom prices.

For example, the last one I bought was the Genius Bloggers Kit and for $97 I got over $5000 worth of products. I think there were almost 100 ebooks and courses included. And most of them had affiliate programs.

Do you see where I am going with this?

If you can find an Ultimate Bundle in your niche, it is basically a pot of gold. You can then do two things:

Buy the bundle and apply to all the individual affiliate programs and start promoting them
Become an affiliate for Ultimate Bundles yourself and promote the bundle as a whole. 
Isn’t it genius?

Currently (August 2018), there are a few bundles available to buy/promote:

Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle (96 products worth $2,235.92 for $29.97)

Handmade with Love Bundle ($47 for $1011 worth of knitting, sewing and crafting designs, patterns and instructions)

Social Media and Sharing

Affiliates may only post affiliate links on social media feeds they operate in line with their website URL, such as Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Affiliate links are prohibited on some social sharing sites, such as Pinterest and Tumblr. 

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