5 things your website MUST have if you want to be successful

Everyone who has a website is chasing success online, it could be you want to gain 1,000 new subscribers a day or you could want $1,000,000+ a year in profits, be we're all chasing something in order to make our lives better. We all put up websites and add the most common things like a home page, about us page, contact page, privacy policy, terms of conditions, etc. and we think "Alright, now visitors will come and I'll make money!" but that's not how it works.

Being successful online takes a ton of work, much more than just putting up a website, and I'll be going over the top 5 things you need for your websites if you want to compete in the Colosseum of success. If you can do everything right, you can win everything you've ever had your eyes set on, and you can do whatever you want. It will take a lot of work, a lot of dedication, and a lot of time but those are standard requirements if you want to be successful online, and here are the other 5 things your website MUST have if you want to be successful online.

Search Engine Optimization
There isn't a website out there that isn't optimized for the search results that are successful. There might be people out there saying they haven't optimized a single article or page of their website and they're now successful, but their idea of success might just be they're making a few dollars a day online.

If you truly want to be successful with your websites, you MUST optimize everything you can in order to get found by the search engines and indexed for exactly what your website is about. The better you optimize your websites, the better you'll get indexed, and the more traffic you'll get in time that will help you become successful.

Website Branding
Every website needs a good branding campaign up and running in order to be successful. I tell people to focus a little bit on branding in the beginning and to focus more on SEO and just building up their business in the beginning. After they start to see some success then they can go into branding, but they should never push branding down the "To Do" list because it can really amp up your success in a short amount of time if you already have something good built up.

If someone tells you that you don't need branding, ask them why they have a custom logo on their website or blog. They're likely doing branding and don't even know it, but they're telling you that you don't need it, which tells me they don't know what they're talking about and should be ignored. YOU NEED BRANDING AT SOME POINT IN YOUR WEBSITES JOURNEY!

User-Friendly Design
Many people think they're website designers or programmers, but they usually screw up the navigation and design that helps their visitors have a better time on their pages. If you can make your website easy to navigate, load quicker, and overall a better experience for your visitors then you'll be creating a good place for them to come back and likely share with their friends.

If you're not thinking of how a person is going to experience your website, and you're just focused on how they will buy from you, you're not going to be successful. You MUST focus on user experience and please everyone that comes to your website by having a good design that loads quickly and is easy to navigate.

Pay Per Click Campaigns
You may not have the funds right now to do a huge PPC campaign and spend $100 a day, but you will be able to get to that point if you've already done the points I've mentioned above. After you're getting some sales and profits rolling in, you need to put that money back into a good PPC campaign and nurture it until it's converting as well as it can. After your campaigns are starting to be more profitable than when you started, open up the floodgates and spend more per day on your ads, and you will see more sales coming in which will only boost your success 5 things your website MUST have if you want to be successful

Top Notch Customer Support
Websites die from bad customer support or someone that is unresponsive within a chat system. I usually forget to set my chat system to "Away" and I'll wake up to a few missed chats, but I an auto response that asks them to leave their email just in case we don't get to them in time. About 50% of the time a person will leave an email and I will reach out that way, which is another way I can convert them into a sale even though I missed their chat lol 5 things your website MUST have if you want to be successful

If you have some VAs answering all of your support tickets, answering your chat system, sending out emails, etc. you will likely have a setup that people will see as high quality and they will constantly come back to purchase time and time again 5 things your website MUST have if you want to be successful

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