4 Core SEO principles you need to have if you want to rank

If you're just starting out or you're a seasoned SEO veteran, you will always need the main 4 core SEO principles if you want to rank your website. You're not a special website in Googles eyes, you're just a domain with some code on a hosting account, and if you're not following the 4 core SEO principles then you're just giving away your rankings to someone who is!

It's not difficult to do the basic core SEO that you need in order to rank for long-tailed keywords, but if you never do it, you'll never rank for competitive keywords down the road when you start putting more time into SEO. You will start saying that "SEO is Dead!" or "Nothing is working!" and someone like me will go to your website to see that your pages aren't optimized, your image tags are non-existent, you don't have meta descriptions, and your backlink profile is utter garbage. SEO does work, but you need to know what you're doing before you see any results, and even if you've been doing it for 6 months you may not see top rankings just yet. You need to push through the hard times, get these 4 core SEO principles applied, and watch your rankings rise over time in order to hit the top of the search results 4 Core SEO principles you need to have if you want to rank
You need the right keywords
You don't have to target just one or two keywords and call it a day, you can target dozens through your website, you just need to use your subpages in order to target long tailed keywords. Sure, use your homepage and other main pages to target your main keywords and maybe a long-tailed keyword, but you should always be using your blog posts and article pages to target those short-tailed keywords which will bring in traffic quicker.

You likely know your keywords already, they're just slight variations of your top 5 keywords, so start writing up content about them and get it published to your blog!

You need to have image tags
Not too long ago people started getting more into image tags because Google said it's a better way of understanding what your website is all about. You may not rank in images.google.com but they will know more of what you're about and push you higher within the SERPs because of those little image tags you've added.

Use your keywords and phrases to show the spiders and bots what your images are, since they can't analyze the actual image itself and understand, and you will see success coming your way 4 Core SEO principles you need to have if you want to rank

You need to optimize your meta descriptions
A lot of companies out there are forgetting to optimize their meta descriptions, and that's mainly because they think it isn't a big factor when dealing with rankings, but it still helps. You can optimize all of your metas, like your titles and keywords as well as the description, and you will be helping out smaller engine rank you.

Yes, there are other search engines other than Google in which you can rank for your keywords in 4 Core SEO principles you need to have if you want to rank

You need the right backlinks
Top focusing on these packages that build you 1,000,000 backlinks for $10. These are likely just going to hurt your rankings, lose you money, and make it cost more to fix your backlink profile when you start doing legitimate SEO and backlinking.

Focus on quality backlinks, not quantity, and you should be just fine. There is no number of high-quality backlinks that equals a number of low-quality ones. A bad backlink is a bad backlink and 1 good backlink will always be worth more than any service selling millions of backlinks for a few dollars.

In conclusion
If you can do what I mentioned above, you can start to notice an uptick in your rankings, and your traffic will begin to increase as well. You will get a few more sales each month which will fuel you to push for the top of the SERPs, but you can't get too greedy because you'll start buying "Guaranteed" services that can't actually guarantee anything. Take it slow, build quality and not quantity, and you should be just fine 4 Core SEO principles you need to have if you want to rank

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