Make Money As A Blogger Without Selling Your Soul

We all know that blogging is one of the most popular hobbies for people of all ages and all walks of life. Some people reserve it as a hobby, some make money as a Blogger whilst working other jobs or sidelines, and many people are making significant amounts of money from their blogs.
If you are a passionate blogger, you could too. However, there are many different monetization options out there. So, to help you decide which may best for you, here is a list of our top ten favorite ways to make money as a Blogger.

1. Introduce Google AdSense To Your Blog

Google AdSense is perhaps the best-known example of Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising on the internet. Unlike affiliate marketing, every time someone clicks on a PPC ad on your site you earn revenue, even if they do not buy anything. To this end, you simply copy and paste a code on the side or bottom of your blog and you earn with every click. This option is great for blogs with an established stream of traffic. Learn more about affiliate marketing and how to make money as a Blogger.

2. Monetise Your Traffic; Become An Affiliate To Make Money As A Blogger

Affiliate marketing is a very popular monetization method. You advertise other people’s products on your site in return for a commission on any sales generated from that ad.
Overstock is a site that sells a variety of items, such as homewares, toys, and jewelry. If their site gets visitors generated through your blog, you received up to 7% commission on sales. Being an affiliate for this site would be a great move if you specialize in product recommendations or reviews, or even trend round ups with shopping links.
Another popular site for Affiliate revenue is Amazon provides you with promotional HTML codes, you place those ads on the side of your blog and if those ads direct readers to the site you get revenue of those sales. Alternatively, you could produce posts such as ‘Top 10 Smart Watches’, and direct each product off to its product page on Amazon, earning some commission for your recommendation.
With eBay, there are two ways to earn. First, you can earn a commission if your readers register with eBay, second, if your readers make a purchase on the site via a banner they’ve seen on your blog or a link in the text.

3. Get Paid To Have An Opinion; Write Reviews

Make a list of your absolute favorite companies and offer them paid reviews. Popular items are moisturizers, makeup items, children’s toys, laundry detergents…the list goes on! If you would prefer a bundle of freebies, you can exchange your blog reviews for free products. Some savvy Bloggers will collect products to review over the year and save them to give as Christmas gifts, saving you lots of cash in the process.

4. Time To Say Goodbye? Sell Your Blog

If you’ve realized blogging is not for you for any reason, and you have a successful blog with tons of followers, many people will pay you handsomely to acquire an established blog. There are some really helpful tips on selling blogs here. If your site is generating an income you could sell it on websites like Expect to sell anywhere in the range of 1 to 3 times annual revenue and be prepared to prove all earnings.

5. Open A Private Forum

If you’re particularly skilled in something, such as search engine marketing, or Adobe Illustrator, for instance, you could create a forum for members only on your blog, serving support, tips, and online courses.  You charge readers a monthly or annual fee to gain access. Here’s a great guide to opening a private membership site.

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