Enter colors and patterns in your home!

In spring, according to some unwritten rule, it is a season when we are renovating and arranging the house. Some of us make small steps, such as general cleaning of the house, painting the walls, some making huge and rebuilding the living space completely.

If this season you decide to give a new look to your home, do not forget the wallpaper. In the last few years, they have returned to the big door and are a real refreshment for every room in your home.

You can choose wallpapers with vertical lines or patterns that visually enlarge your space, photo wallpapers with prints from your favorite landscapes or panoramas or wallpaper with cartoon characters for the children's rooms of your loved ones.

Or, put wallpapers with flower patterns that will carry the spring to your home at any season or wallpaper with a vintage detail that will give your home a leg of rudeness.

Take a look at the pictures, inspire yourself and decorate your home!

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