How much would you pay each month to have your own business?

Just owning your own business, meaning having a store (rent), with stock, probably a phone line, and a credit card processor to accept payments, could be costly.
If you want to own your own business, then what would you be willing to pay for the above items each month....that does not even include the power or gas bills you would have to pay.
Every country is different, so I won’t even try to tell you an amount. You would have to determine that yourself.
Compare those costs to having your own business in your home. You might still need some stock, and a way for customers to pay. How much would you be willing to pay for that? Maybe your store is how much do you have to pay for a website?
Again, those are costs you would have to determine yourself.
When comparing business opportunities, I know that with SFI, you can have a monthly “RENT” of $24.69. Provided you do all your tasks every day to earn the free VP, and redeem all the Rewadical Tokens you earn for more VP, you will make Executive Affiliate every month.
Based on that, you now have a viable business opportunity that you can share with anyone you want. And if they do exactly the same things, they will become EA every month as well. For each person that becomes an EA, you earn another 100 VP, and some direct commissions. $4.50 from each person to be exact.
What do you get for spending $24.69? When you do an auto delivery, you can buy a 50 TCredit pack and a 10 TCredit pack. Including the 10 TCredits you get from being an EA from the previous month, you have 70 TCredits to spend. You get 933 VP for the purchase, and 32 Rewardical Tokens.
Spend 2 TCredits per day to earn 20 Rewardical Tokens each day, and redeem them for VP. Do your daily, weekly and monthly tasks to earn VP, and you will become an EA. Every person that joins your team and does the same thing gets you closer to a Bronze Team Leader.
The work is not hard. You just have to be committed to wanting to do the work, and find a way to pay your “RENT” every month, just like any other business.
And what is your job? Pay your “RENT”, do your daily,weekly and monthly tasks, share your progress and this program with other people. Teach them the system, and help them get started. Show them what can be earned in income once you become a BTL and start to grow your team.
Are you committed?

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