How can I estimate how much I will earn with SFI?

Our detailed compensation plan should answer most of your compensation questions:
You can also use our earnings calculator to estimate how much you can earn:
Here's an example of how the calculator estimates the amounts. We'll use 3 and 3 as our two numbers:

Upon submitting, you get…. 
Here's the math:
On each EA--with the typical $20 CV as noted--you're going to earn $9 (45% of the $20 CV) for each per month. So after six months you have:
$9 x 3 x 6 months = $162/monthly from your PSAs
Now we add override income, which is based on Matching VP. If each of your 3 new EAs recruit 3 new EAs per month…
  • After 2 months, there are 9 EAs added to your group
  • After 3 months, there are 27 EAs more added (36 total)
  • After 4 months, there are 81 EAs more added (117 total)
  • After 5 months, there are 243 EAs more added (360 total)
  • After 6 months, there are 729 EAs more added (1089 total)
1089 EAs each doing just the minimum of 1500 VP means you would earn 1,633,500 shares of the Executive Pool each month. Many wills, of course, do much more than 1500 VP. Based on our typical pool share value, this comes to a total of more than $800 monthly in Matching VP override commissions.
Note! Our calculator actually purposely uses a much more conservative number as you can see, so that the amounts provided don't appear unrealistically large, but if you were to actually create this group of 1000+ EAs, each with the typical $20 of CV, you'd be earning right around $1000/month after just six months. And this amount of course REALLY explodes after 1, 2, 3 years. Continue the math to see!

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