How to boost your popularity through a simple profile picture

How many times have you uploaded a profile picture that didn't actually show your own face? How many times has it been an image or a logo that you had made for your website and wasn't a real person? I'm sure a lot of us have done this over the years, myself included, but did you know that it could actually be hurting your sales and branding? A first-person impression says a lot about a profile, especially when you're trying to sell something or get a job that will pay you more than you make freelancing or with your current job. Think about it, how many times have you been on LinkedIn and saw a professional with a cartoon character as their profile image? Not very often, and that's because it doesn't portray a professional behavior. This is why choosing the right profile image can make or break your business or success. 

You'll be seen as a real person
If you have an actual picture of yourself on your profiles, especially LinkedIn and Facebook, it will show everyone that you're a real person and that is a real account. The photo should actually be you in case you ever go meet with a business in your area because the meeting could get a little awkward when you try to explain when you used someone's picture as your own profile image lol. You'll need to make sure it's a recent photo and not one from 10 or 20 years ago, for the same reason of meeting with potential clients or partners in person. If you don't look like your profile image, you won't be taken as serious. 

Take my profile picture, for example, it looks like me and I actually have a well-groomed beard. My lady is in the picture, but I have her in there to show I'm a likable person lol How to boost your popularity through a simple profile picture Right now I'm sitting at my desk in sweatpants and my beard is a bit unruly, but if I had to meet with someone in person I would dress just like what my profile shows How to boost your popularity through a simple profile picture

A great image helps people identify you
Using your own pictures, of your face, will help people identify you across various platforms and not only your main website. Think about it, if you use the same profile picture on your facebook page and your LinkedIn page as well as your website and blog, people will be able to link them together and trust you more. Think about it, if someone were to find you on LinkedIn and research you, they would come across your facebook page as well as your website or blog and see similar images across all of them, then they would trust you even more because you're not trying to hide anything behind an image that was created specifically for your profile.

Your profile image is like an online personality
Unlike writing up content and talking to people through a chat system, your profile picture is what people will see first and evaluate your personality based solely on what it looks like. Like I mentioned above, my profile picture was chosen specifically because it shows I'm a clean cut and loveable person, which has helped me land some great clients ever since I started using it for my SEOclerks account as well my blogs and social profiles How to boost your popularity through a simple profile picture

Your profile picture is your first impression
People will judge you instantly based on your profile image, and if you're not seen as an approachable person, you won't get as many people contacting you. Just like the point above, your profile image showing your personality, it is also a first impression that you can't get back. If someone thinks you're intimidating, or a scary person, they will likely avoid your profile or website and try to find someone else that can do exactly what you're offering, but they will look happier and more approachable. 

In conclusion
Choosing the right profile picture is a big thing when it comes to creating a positive online identity, and also boosting your sales because people want to know exactly who they're working with. If you're hiding behind a logo, you won't be seen as a real person, and people will likely avoid using your services for the next person who is using a real image. If you do use a real image, make sure you're smiling or having fun, because it goes a long way. I can't tell you how many times I've come across a freelancers profile and thought "Their services seem pretty awesome, but their profile picture makes it seem like they hate life" and I'll avoid buying from them. Smile in your damn picture, look like a professional, and have a fun tagline if possible lol How to boost your popularity through a simple profile picture

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  1. I completely agree with you on this, sometimes what I do with the kind of profile picture I use on any particular forum for my account depends on the nature of such forum. Take for instance, if it's a baby blog or forum that I'm creating an account on, I deem it more appropriate to use a baby's picture as my profile picture because it tallys with the nature of the blog or forum.


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