Getting to the BTL Platform 1

To be able to reach the BTL Platform, you have to know what is required to get there. Under the Reference tab in the black menu bar, is a link to the Diamond Plan. It gives you all the requirements needed to reach each rank.
The BTL requirements are this: 3000VP earned in the calendar month, of which, 1500VP must come from purchases you have made yourself, or from sales you made to a PRM that has joined under you. Secondly, you need 5 PSA's on your team. They don't have to be active, but you just have to have them signed up. Third, you must have a 3 star sponsor rating from your PSA's. If you don't have at least 5 people rate you, then this requirement is not needed.
So, let's start with the first requirement, 3000VP. For your new affiliates, you need to explain to them that to earn VP, you need perform some activities here in SFI. Some are "FREE", meaning all you have to do is click some tabs or links, every day, every week, and every month. That is one point as to why affiliates should log in every day. The second point about that is to learn about SFI and TripleClicks, and keep up to date on any changes that are happening.
More "FREE" VP is available to affiliates when any of your PSA's reach a higher rank. For every PSA that reaches EA status, you get 100VP. For every PSA that reaches BTL, you get 100VP more. And so on up the Diamond Plan ladder. However, to earn these VP, you yourself must be at least an EA. That is why I encourage you to reach BTL as soon as possible in the month. Because in order to get to BTL, you have to be EA first anyway.
Other "FREE" VP can be earned when you make a sale to a PRM. You earn commissions on what they purchased, and you earn VP on that sale as well. You should let your PSA's know that every product in SFI has a VP amount attached to it, which you receive if you purchase it, or if one their PRM's purchases it.
The To Do List tab on your homepage will show you all the VP you have earned during the month based on your actions you have taken during the month. The numbers on this tab all reset to zero at the beginning of every month; each month, every affiliate in SFI starts at 0VP, and has to work their way up, including me.

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