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So, do you know anyone who likes to play games?  That describes about everyone of course, which is why game promotion is one of the coolest ways to make money in SFI!  Here are THREE ways to introduce people to Eager Zebra games and build your member list:

1. Refer them to the Games Index (especially if you don't exactly what game or games they might like to try).  Use this link: https://www.tripleclicks.com/indexContests.php/16275843/ (note that it contains your SFI ID for crediting)
2. Challenge a friend! This is one of the easiest, most fun and personal ways to create new PRMs. When you play an Eager Zebra game and put up a good score, you'll earn a special Friend Challenge link which you can then post on social media, or use for texting or in emails.  When your friends click your link to accept your challenge, they’ll see a specially customized page featuring your name and that challenges them to try to beat your score.  And when they sign up to play the game you've challenged them on, they become your Personally Referred Members (PRMs), and any purchases they make–like TCredits used to play Eager Zebra games–earn YOU commissions!
3. Start a league! With our awesome league play, you can invite friends, family, and co-workers to compete in your own private league...and you get to be the CEO!  All of your league’s members can play FREE every week and we provide a free league leaderboard, live chat board, badges, and more.  Get the complete details on Eager Zebra sports leagues at this support article HERE and non-sports leagues at this support article HERE.  TIP: Search SFI using the keyword "league" for a sample league invitation letter and many more tips and ideas for promoting Eager Zebra via leagues.

Yes, online games represent a massive and hugely-profitable, multi-billion dollar industry played by more than one billion people worldwide. By using the methods outlined above, you can directly tap into this amazing marketplace.  And even if you never directly promote our games, Eager Zebra is helping attract gamers to our other properties like TripleClicks, Pricebenders, Rewardicals, etc, where many will be drawn to our amazing selection of products at TripleClicks, Pricebenders penny auctions, Rewardical Tokens, and more.  And ALL of these things can grow your earnings as an SFI affiliate.
By the way, many SFI affiliates enjoy playing Eager Zebra games themselves when they need to take a break.  And when you do, you can earn VersaPoints.  Yes, you can earn up to 500 value VersaPoints every month playing Eager Zebra games (while enjoying a little fun pursuing new badges, TCredits "Zackpots," and more).  Each time a TCredit is spent during a game play, you also earn 5 MRP (with no limit).


Q: Does it cost money to play Eager Zebra games?
Some games require a TCredit to play, but many of our games allow players to play multiple times for free every day!  And as an affiliate, this is GREAT, because it means you can refer your friends, co-workers, etc. to Eager Zebra games stress-free.  That is, you're not asking them to spend money or take on any obligations; you're just inviting them to go play a fun online game.  Once they start playing regularly and using TCredits, you'll then start earning commissions on their game plays.
Q: So SFI affiliates can make money just for getting people to play games?
You can, yes!  You see, while most Eager Zebra games are free to enter, there are also multiple opportunities for players to spend TCredits within games–and you earn commissions on the TCredits they purchase.  And, of course, once you’ve introduced them to Eager Zebra, our system also exposes them to our network's other features and opportunities, including Pricebenders auctions and thousands of products and services at TripleClicks to pique their interest, too!  
Q: Are more Eager Zebra games being developed?
Yes, we have lots of different games in development!  By the way, if you have an idea for a game, we'd love to hear it!  Submit your ideas at our Suggestion Box.
Q: Why the name Eager Zebra?

There are actually a few reasons why we chose the name, but most of all, we just think it’s a cool and fun name–perfect for a GAMES division.  And isn’t it hard not to smile when you think of such an animal? An enthusiastic, magically-striped go-getter!

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