12-Step Foolproof Sales Letter Template

Your sales letter must overcome your reader’s buying resistance & persuade
them to take action. 

Whether it’s in person or on paper, the process of
overcoming buying resistance is the same.

 Hurdles are spoken & unspoken:them to take action. 
Whether it’s in person or on paper, the process ofovercoming buying resistance is the same. 

1. “You don’t understand myproblem”2. “How do I know you’re qualified?”3. “I don’t believe you”4. “I don’t need it right now”5. “It won’t work for me”6. “What happens if I don’t like it?”7. “I can’t afford it”Effective sales letters must address some or all of these objections. This template overcomes each objection in a careful, methodical series of copywriting tactics. The 12 steps:1. Get attention2. Identify the problem3. Provide the solution4. Present your credentials5. Show the benefits6. Give social proof7. Make your offer8. Inject scarcity9. Give a guarantee10. Call to action11. Give a warning12. Close with a reminderEach step adds to reader’s emotions while calming their fears.Motivation - An Emotional Thing We buy based on emotions & justify our purchase based on logic
only after the sale. So each step in the sales letter process must build on reader’s emotions to where they are motivated to act. Only 2 things motivate people: the

promise of gain or the fear of loss. Fear of loss is the stronger motivator. Would you rather buy a $50 course on “How to Improve Your Marriage” or “How to Stop Your Divorce or Lover’s Rejection?” 

Stats prove the 2nd title outsells the first 5 to
 Why? It addresses the fear of loss.
Underlying promise of gain & fear
of loss are 7 “universal motivations”.

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